the Role of Media in the Global Tourism Industry

December 23, 2008 8:08am CST
Indeed,Tourism plays a vital role in any countries offering holiday package tours or for whatever purposes like business, attending conferences, medical, eco tourism and the latest one here in the philippines culinary tourism. undeniably, it generates income and employment for our people young and old alike. But, like any other businesses, it needs marketing and management combined to promote it to the fullest to holiday-seekers or to a single person wishing to escape the routinary way of life, or to escape from a slave-driver boss or to an erring and chaotic husband or wife, so to speak. Truly, any tour agency or travel management company has its own marketing arm to promote one destination from print ads to glossy brochures, flyers, magazine etc. Agency with allocated budget can even promote it through billboards and even television, but no matter how dramatic it costs one agency to promote these equally marvelous destinations if the media itself can ruin its promotion by exagerrating updates or news that loses the prospective travellers to see for themselves the beauty of their dream destination. Indeed, who doesn't want to be secured and play safe whenever one visits a new destination or who have been twice or thrice visiting a place, however, it curtails one interest to go on with the proposed visit to a place when one reads or hear that this particular destination is on the rocks because of what is the latest there geographically or politically. Other than because of geography and politically motivated reasons, you could add on what are other possibilities that media,indeed,helps in the promotion of any hospitality industry specially the tourism management, however, media can break the success of any well-planned and proposed new or old destinations offering new and exciting itineraries and ammenities if the media itself blocks it with untoward news or irrelevant news updates about that particular destination, any violent reactions to this discussion? or you can give suggestions or recommendations, your response might win back the interest of one who is preparing and saving every nickel and centavo just to make that dream tour come to reality.
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