Are you planning on picking up your efforts after the New Year?

@CRSunrise (2964)
United States
December 23, 2008 9:52am CST
I'm going to start full throttle on making money online, after the New Year. I'm going to do some heavy listing on eBay, heavy talking on myLot, and find a few other things to get me going. I just need to find them. I think I asked this before, but I'm not sure I got all the answers down right. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make money online? I'm welcome to all viable options.
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23 Dec 08
I would say to start a blog or website on something which interests you. If done right it can be very profitable & rewarding, plus these days you don't need any real technical expertise to start one. It may take some time to really reap financial rewards from doing it, but the journey along the way can be enjoyable and in the end it could turn into a nice little passive income generator.