West coast people are soft !

@stinge (808)
United States
December 23, 2008 12:11pm CST
I don't mean to say that people from out west are a bunch of punks. This comment is in referrence to the weather. I'm in Ny, and I'm sure anyone here that lives on the eastcoast knows how cold it gets. Many of us like myself hate the cold weather, but we are used to it because of were we live. I had a friend of mine in California send me a text message 2 days ago saying it that they got hit with a cold front at 50 degrees. I texted him back and told him how much of a sissy he siunded like. I told him that him and the rest of them surf board Californians don't know what cold is. 50 degrees in NY in December is spring weather for us. That day he texted me it was 30 degrees and windy. And he's complaining about the temperature at 50. I know people from California and Arizona and any othee state that see's sunshine all year long aren't used to the type of weather conditions that we deal with. But the minute the temperature drops past 75 they start runing indoors LOL.
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