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United States
December 23, 2008 10:15pm CST
Hi! I'm the creatour of StickNinjas...and recently I killed Stickman Joe in an Epic tale of Dramatized Epicness. I make other crappy animations, and am currently uploading one in time for Christmas! 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' should be up on Christmas EVE...tomorrow... so don't miss it! animations are KIND of crappy...but you should watch anyway, know whyKNOW WHY?! Coz I work pretty hard on them. That's right... so don't make me feel bad. Search: 1stickperson1 on youtube! for bloo-equinox (if not a heiphen, try an underscore ( _ ) )...bloo equinox used to be my majour that IS me...hence my MyLot name... also there is a messege on 1stickperson1 as a mass disclaimer stating that, yes, it's me... :) so whatch my crappy videos!! :D THANK YOU ALL...and MERRY EFFIN CHRISTMAS! :D (if that offended anyone...get a sense of humour and grow a smile, we're tired of the saddiness.)!!!
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• India
24 Dec 08
interesing will look at it thanx for lettign us all know abt it man happy lotting and have a nice day
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