Shotokan Vs Kyokushin: which is better

@oadgmd (102)
December 24, 2008 5:34am CST
Which style of karate do you think is better, Shotokan or Kyokushin? If you have other styles, please join in also
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@sibuspd (30)
• India
9 Feb 09
WELl junior or senior ( according to your belt) AS I am a blackbelt ist dan diploma . SO , According to my experience , I think shotokan katas are amazing but kyukoshin has also a stylish appearance. I am a shotokan karateka . and u ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? other syles ? well , I think the best kata are in gojuryu. shito-ryu has only good style of yoei. nothing else . katas are borring .like pinan godan . i can cut a shito-ryu karateka kata by my heian nidan . Belive it or not ? I do heian nidan the best .!!!!!!!!!!!!
• India
9 Feb 09
I am a sampai . wonna friends ???????????//
@doggieMJ (55)
• United States
13 Dec 10
i do both shotokan and goju, brown belt in shotokan, and black belt in goju. to me, what ive found is usually not the style but the instructor. my instructor for shotokan is shihan minoru horie. he is famous. he is in the direct line from ginchin funakoshi. going on 9th dan.
@kruxius (204)
• Portugal
19 May 10
I believe that there is not a better style of karate. I mean there are good and bad fighters and instructors. But considering the two styles I can say that while fighting in Shotokan Karate there is always a distance between the two opponents and it's completed with quick and deadly strikes that knocks out an opponent in the exact moment that it's applied. I'm not saying that Kyoukushin Karate isn't strong... No, in the other way actually Kyoukushin is based in body resistance and close combat, that's actually really good but in the streets, for self defense I think maintaining a a distance it's really important! Sincerely, from a Portuguese Shotokan Karateka. xD Happy myLotting my friends.
@qamarep (4450)
• Pakistan
17 Feb 10
i think that kyokushin is better . because here we have it all over counry
18 Nov 09
kyokushin is better than the shotokan, I'am an MMA practitioner and it gives me a headache if I figure out what I'am using. so do what is comfortable for you.