American education system sucks?

United States
December 24, 2008 12:34pm CST
Isn't it ironic how U.S. is considered the world's leader and most powerful nation, yet our educational system is horrendous? Sure, if you come from a nice upper-middle or wealthy area, you will receive quality education. However, many schools in rural or inner-city areas lack teaching personnel as well as simple supplies like books or desks. This is due to a lack of funding in certain areas. Also, our scores rank much lower than many other countries. If you are an American, what do you think of our school system? How do you suggest we improve it? If you are from outside the U.S., how would you describe your own country's educational system, and how do you compare it to America's?
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• Poland
26 Jan 09
Hi. I'm from Poland. I'm 18 years old and in this year I will have my final exam. Few months ago, we (I think about me and my classmates) have seen what Americans, in the same age, have on maths lessons. We were shocked! Their topics we have had 4 years ago. I think it shows how different educational systems we have. We have to learn many subjects. When we learn history, we don't learn only our, but history of a whole World. Countries on the east of Europe have similar educational systems, and I think they are more sophisticated and comprehensive.
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• Indonesia
24 Dec 08
Hey, really...?? I dont know anything about American education system... I want know more about it,, let me see...