Different in sense of humour might bring about different results

December 24, 2008 11:42pm CST
Have you ever notised that different sense of humour might bring about different results in different culture? I was watching some funny shots from "Funny Home Videos". Laughters did burst out from time to time, but internally, I felt sad for some of them. The orientals easily accept the so called British humor, which seems to be subtle but means something behind. To be open minded and optimistic is more and more becoming a mainstream thinking, we need to upgrade our sense of humour, to be better adapted to the global community. Meanwhile in daily life, especially in commercial occasions, one has to be careful about the circumstances where the humor is meant to be appreciated.
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• China
25 Dec 08
Yes, right, that's culture shock which can not be avoided, so when there is cultural conversation and communication we should make sure that some unbelievable things happen.