December 25, 2008 1:46am CST
it is very tough to say the answer to the questin HOW MANY BEST FRIENDS, some do friendship for other means or for other purpose. but we rarely see the couple of friends in the society. to my turn i have 3 best friends, my mom,my brother and my friend sam. i believe in them all. really meking good friends is a boon to us from the god. what about you friend?
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@syang0901 (120)
• China
25 Dec 08
I've got four best friends. They're all my former classmates. Anyway, we've got many friends in our life. They're not real friends, as you said, some do friendship for other means or for other purpose, but we also can learn something from them. That's ok.When you're in a difficult situation, who will help you? Who always supports you? Who gives you the strength? Those are important.
@nzalheart (2352)
• India
25 Dec 08
I have many friends, some of them very close with whom i can laugh, enjoy and share problems. Now I don't want to distinguish them using the term best friends. But i say all of those friends are best for me in whom I can find the feeling of someone of my own world, like my own family.
@pankil (125)
• India
25 Dec 08
i have many best friends...because i have been loyal to all my friends!!!!
@lotdj11 (73)
• Canada
25 Dec 08
I have four, two are right now in China and it's been five years after we see each other in person. I hope to see them soon!!!!!!!!!!! There are two here and live near with me. One of them is only younger 1 year than me. Another one she's 17... my dad always laugh at me for being friend with a kid.. = 0 = I would say why not? as long as someone can care to listen and be with you, so just give your heart to them~~ right?