Does reading the holy books of the religion, is mandatory?

December 25, 2008 4:25am CST
For example I heard a Christian should read Bible during his life time; A Muslim should read Quran or a Hindu should read Bhagavat Geetha in his life time. I can not digest that reading of holy books are being made compulsory irrespective of one's own interest. Post your views...
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@sts2007 (29)
• India
18 Jan 09
No This is not mandatory. Yes its true that from those books we can learn more and also those things reflect in our life and make it happy. But without own interest if we learn it then it is very difficult to understand. and also this become useless. But I don't think so that if anybody start reading these books they feel any boreness. Its realy good and helpful.
• Philippines
25 Dec 08
I believe that it is not mandatory. Teachings are heard every time a follower/believer go to their respective place of worship/fellowship. However, browsing on the pages of their holy scriptures, one can reflect on it so it is advisable but not forced. What really matters is that we obey the laws of God. Reading a book don't guaranty one to be holy.
@gjabaigar (2202)
• Philippines
25 Dec 08
It's all about spiritual wisdom..... You must knew your ownself first before reading any of these books.... Don't read any of these books if you have some hatred on it, its useless and its really hard to digest to read when you have a closed heart and closed mind in your ownself....