Are Animals really treated as animals?

December 25, 2008 11:10am CST
Animals. The word describes a creature who is created for misery and pain and suffering... But isnt that in our hand to change meaning and give it a fresh new word? Cant we treat animals with dignity and protect and guard them just like our loved ones? I know its little wiered to do but imagine if all the animals are protected?
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@HansonFan (1659)
• United States
23 Jan 09
There is nothing weird about it. Pets are part of the family with us and we do protect them, care for them, love them. Animals are not here to be tested on, to be tortured when we are angry. The worst my boys ever have to worry about is getting a light spanking for disobeying or not getting a table scrap. I really loved the movie Legally Blonde 2 because it does focus on animals being tested on for things that are not necessary. Science has made so many discoveries working with bacteria and viruses. Those are fine, but leave the animals alone!
• United States
28 Dec 08
I dont like it when people treat animals wrong. I am an animal lover. I have 4 dogs,1 cat,hamster and tons of fish. I love them all. I think people need to protect animals. They have feelings just like we do.
@shonali (1286)
• India
25 Dec 08
you are using the wrong word there sunil..... and nothing in what you said is in anyways called weird..... for feeling this way you should feel proud of your self !! but there is one thing... animals do not need to be treated with dignity..... they need to be treated with love, care and respect...... thats all they just today i went over to my friends place and the place where i park my car there is a 3 month old stray pup which i really wish i could take home but cos of my extensive travelling i wouldnt be able to give him the attention he needs..... and when i park my car there everyday he comes up to me... (though he knows me from a month now) he is still so scared of me.... a slight movement from my side and he is off running...whimpering.... it kills me to see that .... and by the body language of that pup i see that he is definately beeing all the time shooed away or hit by other people who stay there..... cos they wouldnt want another stray near their case they bite their lovely children.... i feel so sad for all the stray animals in this world and also for the abandoned ones especially cos they are the ones who are suddenly taken away from love and shelter so suddenly that they die on the streets within days!! i work with a voluntary organisation which helps stray animals of all sizes..... or rather protects the rights of animals in this cruel human world !! so please..... all that the animals ever want from you are two kind words, two morsels of food and a little love if you have the time to give it to them !!