Do you only start or reply to christmas topics around the actual holiday?

@cyberfluf (5005)
December 25, 2008 1:20pm CST
As christmas 2008 is finally here, I am wondering if you guys are only responding to holiday related topics around that specific time a year. Will I only get hits around this time, and then in 2009 people will scoop up this discussion again? Or do you go around replying to holidaytopics in midsummer aswell? Christmas topics are popping out of the ground like mushrooms around this time of year, and I am sure many of them have been out there before. Are they doomed not to be replied to ever again?? I say let's get together in may and post a bunch of christmas replies! . Let's start with James' plans for trapping Santa, he could get an early start in 2009 . If you are curious what I am talking about check this topic....
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@ellie333 (21029)
25 Dec 08
Hi Cyberfluf, I guess you'll have to wait til 2009 to see ifthis suddenly revives, I usually only do a topic re Christmas this time of year, Easter at Easter and Summer Vacation in the summer, however, I saw they put the film 'the Great Escape' on at Easter which is usually a Christmas film so we could play a bit ont his eh! Hope you had a lovely day. With love and huggles. Ellie :D
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
26 Dec 08
True, I think this topic can't be resolved till at least another year passes. It would be nice to see some reactions on this in the mean time, if people respond in for example april then I will have proof that there are replies during other seasons. Let's waite and see. Hope you had a great day aswell Ellie!