why is 26th december called boxing day??

December 25, 2008 1:40pm CST
hi friends please answer this for me i have been wondering about this thing for sometime now infact some years now??
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• Philippines
30 Dec 08
The meaning of boxing day is referred to as the day when boxes or gifts are given by those fortunate ones to the poorer. It usually occured during St. Stephen's day which is celebrated in the West @ Dec. 26 right after Christmas. As you remember, St. Stephen is someone who is very important to Christianity. He is the first Martyr in Jerusalem. Giving the most important feast of the year and hand in hand with the first Martyr, it is just timely to celebrate it. I tried to surf on the net and it says that Boxing day usually occurs on the 26th and if it falls on Sundays it usually comes after the day. This is due to the fact that Sundays are regular worship days and that Boxing day is just one very important event which is usually associated with charity to the poor. However, as time goes by, the meaning of boxing days eventually fade away leading you wondering why should you have a boxing day. And another sad fact is that boxing day is always associated with important football matches which makes every people forgot what boxing day really is. So before you will try to think what boxing day is, think about boxes that you will be giving to the less fortunate ones. Happy New year!
• India
30 Dec 08
thanks and happy new year to you as well this truly is the best response.
• Philippines
31 Dec 08
Thank you very much. I really need them. cheers :)