what kind of music u like?

@noniefam (284)
December 25, 2008 9:40pm CST
i like love song cause decribe our felling when we sadness n happiness. n love can give us strength. do u like christian bautista song????????????i like his sing very much cause i can remember about someone promises. how about u???????????????
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@KcLKcL (181)
• Indonesia
30 Mar 09
I always listen to Trance. When I'm back from school, my stresses is gone by listening to Trance musics. At least It won't come after a few days. There's Vocal Trance if you want Pop-ish Trance. Like Above & Beyond.
• Dominican Republic
26 Dec 08
Well... I'm pretty open about the kind of music I listen to, from Heart's classic rock to Abba's pop sound. I listen to almost any type of songs, though I dont like "teen pop" such as Miley Cyrus and stuff, music without soul or real meaning... My fav songs are 60-90's and the decades in between: for me, in those times, the best music was written. Happy MyLotting and have a nice day! Xp
@itssahil (132)
• India
26 Dec 08
I like the songs having a meaningful lyrics. The music ofcourse shold be nice. It should not be very loud. Soft music really attracts me...
@opikoji (154)
• Indonesia
26 Dec 08
I like trance music and J-rocks... different kind of music but I often listen to both of them... also like pop and instrumental...
• China
26 Dec 08
I like the music which is not noise, very slow, and the piano is the best, it will help me to relex myself.