help me on to describe life !!

December 26, 2008 8:15pm CST
I have to write an small article not more than 150 words to describe life.I m not able to start it.. Plzz help me how to go for it...????
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• United States
27 Dec 08
Life is what happens while you are making plans for your future. You get a job to support yourself while you figure out what you want to do with your life. You get married cause you just can't stand to let that person get away from you. Opps, you have some babies, you wanted some but just not right now, oh well, they are cute. Buying a starter house, still at that job that is only temporary, thats okay, so is this house. Hey, can't risk changing jobs right now, need that medical insurance for the kiddo's, especially the dental part. Hmmmmmmmmm, want to go back and get some more schooling but guess you will wait until the kids get theirs. Hey, I just looked in the mirror and I am OLD, how did that happen, where did my life go? Truth is I loved almost every minute of it!