Daydreamer2: My Mothers Plea!

December 27, 2008 7:37am CST
I had an experience with my friend when i was in my high school days, my mom used to argue with me because she don't like my friend in school. I was used to spoon fed my friend and every time she gets angry but doesn't have a choice so i just get along with her until the bad karma comes, i myself cannot believe that this karma came to me and i said sorry to my mom and i prefer to erase all the communication with her. that Karma is when she shouts at me in front of the teacher and my classmates, i was the one who made her projects but she intent to shout at me rather than thanking me, her diskette got a lot of virus and i cannot open it but when she had open it to the other computers she shouts at me what should i call her? do i really have to close all sorts of connections to avoid her? should i forgive her? My mother forgives me but she cannot forgive my classmate.
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• Philippines
27 Dec 08
i just don't know why mothers feel for their children. i used to be overprotective of my children, too. i have always been so afraid that anyone of them will be joining the company or that they can have not fitting friends woth the while with. and always, i have always been right about those whom i disapprove of. your mother she loves you so much so as to care who you go with and who you make friends with. as for the one friend whom you have had a discord, just forgive her but never make the mistake of having her for a close friend. let her be a casual friend which is termed by others to be an acquaintance. it is not wise to be harboring ill feelings on anyone. have handshakes with her and make it known to her that you are taking her in back as a friend but not as a close friend. she will get the message. you will not have to avoid her anymore. she will understand why you will no longer hang out with her. it is enough that you exchange hellos and smiles whenever you meet perchance.