Some of Michael Vik's mistreated dogs have happy homes!!!

United States
December 27, 2008 1:06pm CST
I read the latest edition of Sports Illustrated today. I have never before read the magazine. What caught my eye was the most adorable Pit Bull, right there on the cover. Her name is Sweet Jasmine. Jasmine was one of the many Pit Bulls that were rescued from Vik's Virginia dog fighting organization. It is so amazing to me to see that out of all the dogs that they rescued, very few had to be euthanized. A lot of them are still in rehabilitation centers, and many of them will never have forever homes because of the way that they were treated. On a happier note, so many of them are now being fostered and even adopted by loving and caring families! All of the families had to be approved to adopt the dogs, and they had to know how to handle and train dogs. They weren't just adopted to anyone who wanted a dog. One of the dogs, named Johnny Justice, actually is now working as a helper in a school. He sits with children and listens to them read. The program was designed for children who are afraid to read out loud to people. It makes me so happy to see that these people are willing to work with these dogs and give them all a chance that they never had. The stories that they had on these dogs were so heartbreaking yet relieving that someone is now caring for them and making their life better. It stated in the article that Vik and his partners had dogs tied in the woods to car axles....and he even admitted to killing dogs by strangulation, electrocution, and even hanging if they wouldn't fight. How do you feel about the way things have been handled through the adoption of these needy and neglected animals?
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