Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu combat?

Serbia And Montenegro
December 27, 2008 2:31pm CST
If you were a shinobi,which of the above would you prefer to use in combat? Taijutsu is very cool to watch, but I wouldn't want to be counting on it, in the face of battle. I'd probably prefer Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. What about you?
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• Trinidad And Tobago
30 Dec 08
firstly, i find taijutsu real bad but for facing off agaisnt S rank shinobi like the 3 legendary sannin, i wouldnt use it. plus if i using elemenal ninjutsu it go be wind and water.
@s8tern (76)
• Egypt
28 Dec 08
why be specific?? didnt any of you watch the latest Shippuden episodes??? these guys can use two kinds of the three, and with a compatible team, they use all three, i`d use all three kinds, true , one of em will be weaker than the others , but thats what teams are for, they compensate each others' weakness points, but, if i was alone in combat, i`d have an edge, even if it is a slight edge, over the enemy, cause he thinks i can only use one kind, then i surprise him with the other, and that would be my trump card, try to be wise, and act like the ice berg does..... understand???
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
28 Dec 08
Hmm.. I prefer Taijutsu because it can icrease our physical strength. You could see Rock Lee, who mastered the Taijutsu, can easily avoid the Ninjutsu. Furthermore, Taijutsu attack power can be increase by adding up Ninjutsu.
• United States
27 Dec 08
Ninjutsu major, with a side of chakra enhanced taijutsu. Genjutsu doesn't really help much in battle, except maybe if you have a doujutsu like the Sharingan. Ninjutsu is the all around kill-all basically. That said, i would prefer either Daton(Earth) or Fuuton (Wind) jutsu!