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United States
December 27, 2008 5:05pm CST
I hated the idea of sushi! I mean, raw fish? Yuck. When I first ate it I hated it. I spit it out and almost threw up. Why I ate it again I have no idea, but it wasn't as bad the second time. After that the experience, it got better and I started to enjoy it. Now I crave it and really love the taste. I eat it every time I get the chance, and I eat a lot. Now I want to know about sushi. I know nothing about it besides the obvious, what's in it. I love the rice, avocado, and raw fish wrapped in seaweed. I've heard that sea weed is very healthy for you, but how? What benefits does it have. What about it is healthy? Also, raw fish, does that have any benefits? Is it healthier raw rather than cooked? I'm sure it's safe because people eat raw fish all the time, as do I and I'm fine. I also hear that sushi gives you brain power, is that true? And one more thing, I'm almost done I promise. The Japanese are very smart and healthy people, does that have to do with their sushi diet? Any thing you guys know about sushi I would love to hear! Oh, and ONE more thing, for real this time. Why do I crave sushi? Is it because of the taste or because my body needs it? Thanks guys.
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@xboxboy (5578)
9 Jan 09
this is to complicated a question. i eat seaweed all the time as i live on an island and fall in the sea everytime i m drunk. last week i lured christina agrillia into my bed but woke up with seaweed in my mouth and rosie o'donnel in bed. what the hel9s that all about?
@Pleiades (847)
• United States
7 Jan 09
Welcome...sushi lover. I knew you'd see the other side. HAHAHA! Anywho, you're wrong in one thing: raw fish is Samshi and the other kind is sushi. It's a common American mistake, don't worry. Now...I remember the first time I bit into a California roll...my older sister introduced me to them and I've never looked back. I too was taken by the odd taste and flavour. I mean, it's cold, it's fish...it's nasty, right? No way! For me, I crave it because of the intense flavours that seemed to be married with the cold crunch of the ingredients, the seaness of the wrap, the pungent taste of the wasabi and kick the slice of ginger gives. Yes, there are plenty of health benifits from eating seaweed. Just look it up and you'll be surprised. I would say that cooked, smoked or pickled is better than raw, but as long as percautions were made before the eat, you're ok. If you love California rolls, try using smoked salmon and creame cheese...or...try it warm. For the best varieties and new taste, go to a sushi bar and go wild! *Pleiades