Wanting to Get on a Cell Phone Contract, what is best?

@fairydew (180)
United States
December 28, 2008 12:09am CST
I currently use Verizon. I am very satisfied with this network and do not want to change. I use a pay as you go phone. I am thinking I might go with the two year contract since it looks like I am using about the same pay as you go as I would to pay monthly. What is the advantages of the pay as you go, and what are the disadvantages? What are the advantages of the contracts and what are the disadvantages to them?
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@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
31 Dec 08
I have had pre-paid before and to me it seems like I was spending more money than I expected so I decided to lay off of the pre-paid and wait until I can get a cell phone I can afford. So 2 months ago me and my mom was talking about getting us cell phone and I did some research for the most affordable cell phone plan. I came across T-Mobile Flexpay plan which is a 2 year contract. The plan me and my mom decided to get is the Flexpay Family Plan with Myfaves, this plan consist of 700 anytime minutes, unlimited nigh and weekends starting at 9, and unlimited calls to 5 favorite numbers including landline numbers. The total of our plan is $69.99 a month plus tax. When we signed up for the service my mom did not have to pay a deposit or activation fee and we got our phones free. The only thing she had to pay was the first month up front which I think was not a bad thing. I always tell people if you are trying to get a cell phone always do some research and find the plan the fits your needs. I hope you find the right plan for you when you decide to give up the prepaid.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
28 Dec 08
Here are some of the things you might wanna think about before going with pre-paid or contract, monthly... Pre-paids are usually cheaper per month if you don't use the phone that much... But at the same time, per-minute use can be much higher depending on the carrier you go with... Typical pre-paid in U.S. is 15 cents per minute to 35 cents per minute... It's great in case of emergencies, or cheap way to keep in contact if you don't use it more than 200 - 300 minutes a month... From what I understand, verizon charges 10 cents per minute but there's 99 cents charge per day you use it... So bottom line comes out to slightly more than 10 cents a minute... Or even higher if you use just few minutes... If you've used 10 minutes, that's 10 cents X 10 minutes plus 99 cents for the day... So it comes out to $1.99 for 10 minutes of call you made that day... That's almost 20 cents per minute in total charge... If you do that every day of the month, it comes out to around $60/month for 300 minutes you've used for that month... I use around 2500 to 4000 minutes a month... My cell phone bill comes out to around $126/month... That's including taxes & all the other fees... That comes out to around 3 - 5 cents per minute... That's much cheaper than 20 cents per minute on average I would have paid on verizon pre-paid... Also, if you're planning to keep the phone for more than 2 years, it doesn't really make any difference as far as commitments go... After 2 years, you can always cancel the service... In most cases, most carriers have cheap plans that you can take advantages of... Plans that will come out to somewhere between $40 - $60 per month that will include decent amount of minutes & a lot of the times, unlimited nights & weekends or few thousand minutes for nights & weekends...
@king2050 (74)
• India
28 Dec 08
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