How much time do you spend plurk-ing?

December 28, 2008 12:12am CST
Hi everyone~! I just discovered this social networking site that is very much like twitter and then some a couple of weeks ago. My friend invited me to join this since it pretty much is one of the few fun websites not blocked by our office network. Anyway, so yes, like I said, plurk is something like twitter and, as I described it to one of my friends, sort of like a blog for lazy people in which you keep your friends updated with the things happening in your life and what you're currently interested in through one liners such as "nekonyanta is now my-Lotting", for example. It's quite addicting, especially if you have friends who are addicted to the site as well. Frequent participation is rewarded through the karma system in which the ultimate goal is to reach Plurk Nirvana and you are rewarded with additional features such as exclusive emoticons, the right to change your display name, etc. as you earn more karma points. Also, your profile is customizable and layouts are available for free upload. Oh, and it's one of the few websites that allow posting through SMS in the Philippines so that's a big plus for me. Anyway, like I said, it's quite addictive and I practically spend a major part of my online time plurk-ing now. Also, when something I'd like to share happens when I'm offline, I simply SMS the phplurk portal with my update. I think this is another great way of keeping in touch with friends and love ones. So, are there any plurkers/plurk addicts here on myLot? How frequent do you plurk? Thanks for taking time to read my post. Happy myLot-ting~!
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@cuttyrish (2663)
• United States
31 May 09
i plurk whenever i have time.. it is connected to my facebook and twitter.. my karma is going up and down, since i am not active that much because i am doing alot of things for school. I am trying to plurk more nowadays.. plurking is cool...
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