Swimming Tips anyone?

December 28, 2008 12:59am CST
Hello! So I've been perusing the swimming section and I see that there are a lot of people who are swimming enthusiasts but for whatever reason have some fear or can't swim...Well, I just wanted to start a discussion on swimming tips and see what sort of questions people have! Some background on me: I learnt to swim at a very young age in a pool in someone's backyard! Its pretty much a standard thing to do in South Africa (where I'm from) since a lot of people have their own pools...I swam competitively for about 10 years or so after which I switched to Rowing for a while and then to Triathlons. I'm going into a career as a full time swimming teacher (for toddlers ;) ) and would be happy to help anyone who has any questions, fears or whatever...! So go ahead! Let me know what your questions are and maybe I can help you out a little bit! Seriously, anything from how to float to how to correctly streamline and be as fast as Phelps underwater!
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