Do you have a business of your own? Do you want to start one?

@Masmasika (1922)
December 28, 2008 9:29am CST
A lot of people want to own a business because it is where the money is. But it is not easy to start a business.Some people start very young and become rich quick. How about you do you have any plans of starting a business of your own? What will it be?
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@ik4man (628)
• Malaysia
31 Dec 08
I wish to have a very good and more than enough money to start my own business. With limited capital my plan of owning a business also very limeted.
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
28 Dec 08
Late 2006, a long close friend of mine and me partnered in started a safety training center in our home town and never expected for the great response that we have had and the invitations we get from people requesting various health and safety trainings. At this moment, we already are in the process of upgrading and adding some advanced courses in the training center. These wouldn't be attained if not because of the will and dedication of my friend and his wife and I would say that I am only the supporting character. Of course all of it won't be materialized without the help of the almighty who have guided us in giving customized and quality trainings.
• United States
28 Dec 08
It's not as easy as one would think. I create handmade jewelry and besides laying out the money for all the components that go into the jewelry, I needed to create banners and avatars for the sites I sell on, along with purchasing shipping materials. I have to promote my items, or they don't sell and look for outside venues to sell my creations, all while dealing with the public, shipping sold items, doing custom orders, keeping up with changing laws concerning what I sell, etc, etc So far, it's been somewhat successful... I'm not about to quit my full-time job any time soon, but there are months that the money is okay...enough to cover the expenses of the business and maybe pay a bill or two for my household. Building up a business is a long, tedious process, but when I look back and compare the last year to my first year, the growth has been good, so the struggle has been well worth the effort.
• Malaysia
28 Dec 08
A lot of people want to start their own business because they think that owning your own business will give you more freedom to do the things you like. However, that is not very true. Quite the contrary actually. When starting your own business, you will need to work a lot of things by yourselves including the things which you like to do and other things that you do not like to do. True, you might earn more by working for yourselves but more money means more responsibilities and stress. You can no longer relax that much and you can no longer call it quit. You can't resign or change job because you are putting your own hard-earned money on the stake. If you are up to all these challenges, then maybe you will pull it off. As for me, I feel I can handle all those things. What kind of business to start? I'm an IT person so I will most probably start a technology related business.