Pakistan the new germany of the 21st century

December 28, 2008 10:09am CST
i had been hearing lot about pakistan, its suicide bombers, its all hatred movements.. all the terrorists, criminals have taken refuge in there, but pakistan denies it, even osama is staying in pakistan.. pakistan is actually black mailing the whole world, becoz of its nukes, world is afraid to hit it hard, even USA is scared, it is not allowing american arm forces to strike inside pakistan, if pakistan had been without nukes, america would have attacked inside pakistan pakistan is also extracting lot of money from west, united kingdom is paying around pound 500 millions as aid to pakistan and america has already paid billions of dollars to pakistan for its help fight against terror, which is fake, they are playing double game, helping taliban, allowing them to regroup, protecting them by not allowing strikes inside pakistan and also xtracting money from america all the attacks in the whole world , always have roots from pakistan.. now how the world is going to deal with a nuclear terrorist which is pakistan
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28 Mar 09
It is not because the US is afraid of Pakistan or its nukes. The problem with Pakistan is that it is a politically unstable country. If the US were to attack inside of Pakistan it would give the terrorist a cause. They would use it to rally support against the US and possibly even give them support to overthrow the Pakistani Government. The the US would loose yet another Ally to Islamic extremist. The Pakistani government will not allow overt attacks inside its territory for this reason alone. And the US fro this reason alone has not staged an attack inside Pakistan. How ever the pressure on Pakistan is great not only by the US but other countries as well to step up its own resolve to drive the terrorist out of its borders. Where ever extreamest live, those countries have a hard time getting support from its citizen to attack these elements, because the terrorist do a lot of PR by building schools and hospitals, they are seen as the heroes and many Governments are afraid the terrorist will get sympathy from the masses. Pakistan has no weapons that could outrightly challenge the US, it has no weapons delivery systems that could reach US soil, and Pakistan is not about to nuke itself. No the reason the US has not invaded Pakistan is because for many years it has been a good ally to the US.The US does not attack its allies. Did you actualy think about this before you posted such a ridiculous assumption?
• India
29 Mar 09
thanks a lot for telling me your side of story, it seems to make a point, but the fact remains the same, all the terrorists,mafias and all the international criminals are staying in pakistan.. and are attacking the whole world.. and pakistani govt is not taking any action against them.. they may not have nuke delivery system to attack USA, but they can nuke india, which is near to it, terrorists are constantly crossing borders and jumping into india, and doing bomb blasts here, this things are difficult to predict, terrorists can attack any part of india, we can not have security guards everywhere, the rule is go and kill the terrorist at his home
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• United States
28 Mar 09
It maybe true