What can too much chocolate and too much milk give you?

@kharen (1488)
December 28, 2008 5:44pm CST
I don't really like eating chocolates and drinking milk when I was in the Philippines. But spending some few weeks here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia made me like it. However, I feel it would have some really bad effects on me. I can drink a liter of milk and munch on 8 sticks of Galaxy flutes a day. I'm not fat now but I know I'm gaining some weight. What do you think are the other effects of it except from gaining weight?
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@lakers247 (139)
• United States
29 Dec 08
Chocolate can make you feel much tired throughout the day because of the amount of sugar in it. Milk, however is dependent on the type. Skim milk is really good for you, it has protein, calcium, and vitamins in it. I know chocolate isn't the healthiest thing, however i continue to eat it anyway. Simply reduce the amount of chocolate you eat, and the effects will not be so great.
@dianne17k (600)
• Philippines
3 Jan 09
Chocolate, dark chocolate specifically, can improve blood pressure secondary to anti-oxidants present in cocoa. However, the fat in milk chocolate has the opposite effect. Aside from gaining weight, chocolate-lovers are at a higher risk for dental cavities but I bet you already know that. Chocolates may also contribute to developing acne due to its fat content. I've lived in the middle east until I was 15 and the fresh milk is to truly addicting unlike those long-life ones available here in the Philippines. I used to think that large consumptions of milk contribute to the development of kidney stones but I read earlier that studies have proved otherwise. There's a whole lot of info about the negative effects of milk and other dairy products in notmilk.com. I hope this satisfies your query.
@olivemai (4738)
• United States
31 Dec 08
It can give you gas.