I hate the camera of Samsung.

December 28, 2008 11:39pm CST
I have the camera of Samsung whose brand is Blues i70 .His exterior appearance is very beautiful and the screen can slide go and back.But when I catch the pictures the speed is very slow .My friends who have the camera of Samsung all say they don't like them. I won't buy the camera of Samsung.
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• Australia
29 Dec 08
Pity you bought a camera that doesn't suit you; you really need to try them out before you part with your cash. Samsung is the big mover in digital cameras over the last year or 2. Up about 13% worldwide, if I recall. Nikon and others are losing market share to Samsung and their cameras are getting very good reviews, especially since they partnered with Pentax. Don't let this experience put you off every Samsung; they are good value and worth the price, but you have to make sure the individual camera is the right one for you personally.
@yhtan74 (97)
• Malaysia
29 Dec 08
All camera has its own characteristic. And this should be check out before buying it. Samsung is not famous for camera, if you really looking for good camera, look for Canon, Nikon or Sony. They have good and reliable camera. Again before you buy, check out the feature first. Give it a few test show and see how it respond. Especially when using the flash. Some camera have slow flash refresh rate. Also try to some research before you buy. The internet have lots of review on camera, check it buy and see what other user rate about it. This should give you some idea what to buy. BTW since you have the samsung with you, check through any forum and see whether is there any solution to it. Sometime a simple software upgrade may solve the problem. Check out with the local Samsung Service Centre and see whether they have solution to it. Wish u all the best with this camera
@mimico (3619)
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
I used to have a samsung phone and it had so many nice features. But then after a while the program just didn't work as well as it used to and I had to replae it with my new LG phone, which is also not that great in terms of performance. I think that when it comes to important electronics like cellphones and cameras, you just need to stick to the ones made by Sony, Canon, and Nikon because they've been leaders in the industry for a long time already.
@sivanj (1263)
• India
29 Dec 08
welcome to mylot my friend. i don't think that is the most reliable and durable brand. i don't know much about that camera. actually i went for a canon. i think that is more reliable and good.