Which one is your favorite coffee spot? Mine currently is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

@marisriel (1157)
December 29, 2008 2:30am CST
I am not that fond of coffee. I prefer the 3-in-1 types of coffee which I just can snap open when I want to occasionally sip coffee. However, when we go window shopping, I like to cap our walk by resting on coffee shops and ordering a slice of cake. Yesterday, my husband and I and the kids went to a newly opened Eastwood Mall and I decided to treat them to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This is not my first time on this spot but their coffee house is so enticing inside and the couches are so cozy so we chose to stay. I ordered a double chocolate ice blended drink for me and my kids and a slice of their chocolate fudge. I tell you the ice blended drink was the most chocolatiest drink of all. As well as the chocolate fudge. It's so chocolatey that it's almost bittersweet but it's very delicious. My kids are not that fond of too dark chocolates so we did not consume the whole slice and the drink. It was a good idea because I had them take-out when we went home and I enjoyed drinking and eating it after one day and the cake is still moist and delicious. I stocked the chocolate drink in the fridge and drank it by night. My husband ordered a delicious sandwich too but it's not that big compared to Country Style's sandwiches which is enough for the two of us to share. I also like the cappuccino coffee that he ordered for himself. It's not that bitter and the cup is very big and enough for the two of us. All in all, I spent 579 pesos for the fudge cake slice, the double chocolate drink, the cappuccino coffee and the tuna sandwich.
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