when meeting people whats the first thing you notice about a person?

United States
December 29, 2008 4:08am CST
some people can be so judgemental are you what do you notice about people that makes you want too talk to people or not talk to them?
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@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
29 Dec 08
For me, I notice their facial expressions. If they are smiling, I want to see if it is warm and sincere. I do not care as much about physical appearance, I care more for what is in a person's heart. If it is a potential husband though, I would prefer that he be taller than me, hehe.
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
29 Dec 08
The first thing I notice would be his or her facial expression, happy, calm, angry, or anxious. It is directly related to my approach in talking with him or her. If happy, go right away to the topic. If not, show concern to see if it helps and find the right time for a juncture to the focus.
• United States
29 Dec 08
The very first thing I notice is the eyes. Do they sparkle. I have always believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Then the next thing I notice is their smile.
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• Philippines
30 Dec 08
Hi, during my high school days, when friends will introduce me to friends, or when I meet the person for the first time, I see how he/she handshake at me. If it is a one shake firm one, I call it sincere. I develop the acquaintances to friendship. But when a hand shake wasn't firm and it has many shakes, I call it unsincere.and so I don't trust that acquaintances. When I know someone was interested in courting me, I am always polite and I do not show that I am watching how clean was his fingernails in his feet and in his hand. If I see uncleanliness I don't give any courting a chance. But as I grew old, no I am not doing it anymore. Only sometimes when I deal business I still do the shaking thing., ButI don't end the deal even if I get the many unfirm shakings.But I am atleast aware.Happy new year
@stormy09 (438)
• United Arab Emirates
29 Dec 08
I first notice there facial expression and there smile...
@lexus54 (3576)
• Singapore
29 Dec 08
I think it is human and natural that when two people first meet each other, they will 'size up' one another. First impressions usually count quite a lot. That first handshake or smile on the face, or even the first words spoken, can provide some indication about what the other person is like. That's what I notice and feel about people I meet the very first time. These gestures I just mentioned will quickly tell me if the person is warm, approachable and friendly, or otherwise. That will determine how I reciprocate in subsequent interactions, and whether I should be friendly, cordial and open in my conversation with this person. Dressing may also matter at times, but it really depends on the setting and circumstances.
@sivanj (1263)
• India
29 Dec 08
welcome to mylto my friend. for me "the face says it all" is what i believe in. when we see a person, we see the face first. the face will say what sort of person we have met. then if we move with them for sometime we can learn even more. then we can be friends, if everything is ok.