Whats your plan for payout in new year?

@sivanj (1263)
December 29, 2008 5:38am CST
I have planned not to venture into too many sites now. i don't want to start the year 2009 with a scam site. i don't want to get scammed early in the year. So i have gone very restrictive now and wish i start with some of the payouts from usual sites. this is a sort of moral game. i believe that if i get scammed early in the year, i will get scammed on all other efforts later in the year. Do you play such games? Are you superstitious like this?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
30 Dec 08
LOL =D It's not about being superstitous, but there are also some others whom believe in that too.. hehe ^_^ I somehow also believe in that but that wont be my main reason to stick to what i'm earning now.. I will perfer to spend more time on what i'm familiar with, and only using my excess time to explore new sites ^_^ So right now to the beginning of 2009, all i wanna do is to reach payout from all the sites that i've joined ^_^
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@okwusman1 (2249)
• Abuja, Nigeria
29 Dec 08
I don't play games, my plan for payout in this coming year is to strengthen my referral windows/links and have many people to work for me here in Mylot, that will increase my earning potential and make me to smile to the bank always. I like making money online, it is fun and interesting. cheers!