A Poll To Reveal Addicts

United States
December 29, 2008 3:30pm CST
I know that out of all the MyLot'rs on here, there is at least a percentage of you all that are, or have been, addicted to opiates. And in those of you who are, or were, this discussion should create a fire in you. What are your opinions? Does anyone have any light-hearted questions? I can answer them. How did you kick your addiction, if you have, and has it changed your life? Or, do you worship opium and plan to stay on the chemical the rest of your life? For pain or pleasure, let it live on I say! Now, critics come and get me but I think that pharmacies should let people come and buy painkillers without a prescription. A limited amount per day. And guess what? There'd be no more street crime in the prescription pain pill department. But we can't allow that, then the government and rehab's and clinics (multi-BILLION dollar industry) would now longer make money off of us addicts. I know this will never happen, and it doesn't really concern me as I have my own means of keeping myself supplied without dealing with the dealers. But it sure would be a revolution of an evolution. Btw, my e-mail is Oxterzon@hotmail.com if you have some serious questions about addiction or about staying out of the "heebie-jeebie's", just ask. No question is a stupid question. Ta-ta
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