Do you love yourself unconditionally?

December 29, 2008 7:51pm CST
Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you love yourself totally for what you are?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 08
Hello fred, In the first place, I am very thankful that I was bless by this life to live. I just love to be for what I am, I love every bit part of my personality and I am Thankful still over how I manage weaknesses... I was given once a condition to choose like "what if I'l be given the chance to change my physical appearance like the most beautiful woman with almost perfect physically?" I will still choose " The me " that I am. I might not be very beautiful or smart, witty or intelligent, but I am very distinct in some other way. I have to love myself unconditionally for how could I love others if I don't love myself first.
• Australia
30 Dec 08
Yes I do. I don't care if other people think I'm too fat (I'm actually a healthy weight, just a little on the short side! lol), I don't care if my hair is 'too red'. It is my mind that gets me through life, not my slightly wrecked body (had 5 kids in 6 years). Before we are able to love anyone else whole heartedly, we have to love ourselves. Relationships don't work if we are not happy with who we are because we focus on it a lot and make the other person feel bad. So, yeah, I love who I am, and I'm always finding new ways to better the person I am.
• India
30 Dec 08
hi my lotters, Yes , I love myself unconditionally. I am the one who is very much in love with myself. I love my intellegence, I love my smartness, I admire myself for my moment and act I do, I pat my back when i win, i also analyse when I lose, I always tell to myself that I am the best and ofcourse I come off in flying colours. I believe that in this fast paced world , I would rather In this dog eat dog world, you are the only friend to yourself, you should be self motivating, you should everything for yourself , therefore guys , I love myself unconditionally. cheers!!!!!!!!!!!
• China
30 Dec 08
I believe that everybody will love himselfe or herself. It is very popular. As far as I am concered, I think I am confident in my ablity to do something. There are, however, few differences between narcissism and confidence. I think confidence is necessary for one`s life and narcissim is not.