Your Not Marrying My Brother!

United States
December 29, 2008 10:45pm CST
Well looks like my brother has a girlfriend that isn't really digging his side of the family. Well the feeling is certainly mutual. I haven't been too fond of her since I met her in middle school. So...this chick really thinks my brother is going to marry her. Little does she know, that he is not. Not any time soon any ways. Well here is the problem. A little while back I posted a comment on my moms myspace about my brother and his inability to keep in touch with family. I think I had the right, since it was my brother who had not called me in 8 months. I left messages. No call back. Total bullcrap. Anyways, his girlfriend decided to hit me up on myspace talking about how she doesn't appreciate me talking about my brother like that. That she cant believe her soon to be brother in law isn't getting along with her man. And proceeded to tell me how immature I was and how me and my mother will never know our niece/nephews/grand kids. I told her I would seriously murder her if she ever came out of her mouth like that to me or my mother again. Now I'm the bad guy. I don't freaking get it. Anyone here think I'm the bad guy? Or do you think that woman is out of line?
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