May-December Love Affair

@xtian04 (282)
December 30, 2008 8:27am CST
Does age really not matter? Will you ever entertain this kind of relationship? What do you think of the people who are involved to it? They say LOVE knows no boundaries even age, but when do we cross the line? :P
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• Philippines
3 Jan 09
maybe it depends on each individual's perspective in life... the common reactions won't be as positive for it's not usual, yet I don't see any problem with it as long as both parties are willing to pursue the relationship and face it's possible consequences.. coz no matter how they avoid them there would be alot...I
@clampz (21)
• Philippines
3 Jan 09
As long as they love each other truthfully & genuinely, i dont have problems with it.
@UK_Shree (3604)
30 Dec 08
I think that the old saying 'Love is blind' does have some truth in it but to an extent. Sure, people with an age gap can fall in love, and there must be so many that are genuinely in love that have age gaps. However I think that when the age gap becomes too big, that there would be a lack of understanding and sharing interests between the two people involved. I would say that if there is an age gap of 25+ years, that there may be problems. Of course this is a generalisation and will not apply to every couple