Do You Like Innocent Peoples.....???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
December 30, 2008 10:16am CST
Hi to all Well, I like the innocent peoples very much Because I am very innocent. So I Like to Share & ask you about do you like innocent peoples Specially girls???. have a nice day.
3 responses
@faizi1 (157)
• Pakistan
30 Dec 08
well dude hi i also liked the innocent peoples specially boys not girls because the naughty girls are very proud there fore i friendship him and break there proud and convert it in an innocent girl Thank you
• United States
30 Dec 08
Innocent people are my favorite. I think that it is so charming when someone has innocence about them. I think the most innocent creatures are children and animals because they can't very well stand up for themselves and because of this it is our job to do so.
@jersey86 (1348)
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
well for me being an innocent has a different levels. I don't really like people that are too innocent cause i annoyed by there questions you know.. they keep on asking of something like this or like that.. i knew that its not a big problem but to the point that because of his/her innocents he/she me looks like a dump... got it..