What Is The Most Noteworthy Thing(s) You've Ever Done?

@singout (980)
United States
December 30, 2008 10:43am CST
Come on now, you have my permission to brag. I know you've been itching to tell someone, so here's your chance. Have you invented something, written a book, saved some one's life, made a suggestion that has become standard operating procedure in a business, turned some one's life around for the better, started a successful business, or even ETC..... For me, I suppose it was writing the music for a patriotic musical play that was seen by thousands and is on the verge of being published even now. Now, it's your turn.
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@mentalward (14695)
• United States
30 Dec 08
Hmmm, noteworthy? I couldn't say. I did invent something but haven't had it patented yet. I invented it 26 years ago and I still haven't seen it on the market. It's a diaper, NON-disposable, different from anything that's out there. I created this thing when my oldest son was a baby. Diaper service was a pain, disposables were too expensive and I hated stabbing my fingers constantly with diaper pins! So, along came my idea. I made some to use on my son and a neighbor saw them when I had hung them outside to dry (after washing them, of course). She gave me an order for 4 dozen of them! One day, I'll have them patented, I guess. I'm actually thinking about getting back to them just after the holidays. I've also written a book, a dream dictionary. I have had it copyrighted but never sent it out to publishers. Maybe I'll do that one of these days, too. It always seems that just when I'm about to get these things done, something comes along to stop it, or postpone it, anyway. Maybe it's me? A fear of failure, maybe? Fear of success? Who knows? At the moment, I'm working on starting up a new business, making bas relief wall art of dog breeds. So far, I've only completed one breed, Maltese, naturally. LOL But I've already received orders for others! I'm working on my website now and will be applying for my business license after the first of the year. I can't say if it will be noteworthy or not yet because it hasn't even officially been started. Time will tell. Congratulations on your music writing, though! I'm thoroughly impressed! So, is there a place where we can hear this music or do we have to wait for it to be published? I'd LOVE to hear it! What is the play called?
@singout (980)
• United States
31 Dec 08
Thanks for the response mentalward. Wow! I am impressed as well with your talent. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in life and living for our own good don't we? We tend to forget about the talents we have and try to put them to some good use. I've had the music talent all along but just never pursued it until now. Stupid to wait! I could kick myself. Great news about the new business. I hope it is very successful. I'd love to have one with the Golden Retriever. Let me know if you do one and I'll buy it. Don't forget to send me your web address when you finish it. The musical is called "From Sea to Shining Sea" and was written to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the settling of Jamestown. I might be able to find a few unprofessional recordings around somewhere. If I do I'll send you one. Where were you when we needed diapers for our 4 babies? O well, such is the timing of life.