She knitted a jumper for me...Cool?

December 30, 2008 1:03pm CST
# Would You be proud and happy to receive a hand made jumper from a person You know? # To know that this person spend his time and all efforts in making this special knitted jumper JUST FOR YOU? # Would You wear such jump: every day or only on special occasions? # Have You ever received a hand made gift? Or maybe You made something for other person?
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• United States
15 Oct 11
well it depends on what the jumper looks like if i look at it and i like it and if the jumper fits my body wel then yes i would love to get a hand made jumper from someone that i know but if i did not like the jumper i would just act like i like the jumper just so that it would not hurt the persons feelings and if they ask if i ever wear it i would lie and tell them of course i do haha i have never recieved a gift like that nor have i ever given a gift like that i would make sure that the person actually wants one before i gave them something like that
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
11 Jan 09
I would love it. Al the work that the person put into it and then they give it to me. It would mean that they really like me.