Neobux the best PTC

United States
December 30, 2008 4:17pm CST
Neobux - Neobux history :)
Todays is the best day in all my life!! lol because a few days ago i spent my $0.40 cents that was my unique balance in neobux to buy one day 2 tickets and yesterday other 2 tickets to the mini jackpot. Without any lucky i just spend my money and not win anything, I feel so disappointed and upset because it cost so much to win a few cents with my only 4 ads per day and referrals 4 (i have 1 directly and 3 rented) which have not been very helpful these days for the holidays. Today I proved my last chance and did not know what number to buy lol, so I think well... walky.... your love will be 41 years old this year soooo you can buy the 41 number and i see it so few numbers that are run for the raffle, and i go out but just a few minutes ago woooooo i go to see it if some of my referrals gives me some cents more!! lol and woooooo i was so lucky today because I see it a star next to my nickname and I click and wow they gave me the good new that i win the $2 dollars of the first prize. I feel so happy ... because i really needed that money to pay the rented referrals and to rent other 3 referrals to increase my earning and gain more cents, that's why I say that neobux is the best PTC and really pay! Because i see it in my rental balance the $2 dollars. Now i am so happy that I do not know how to explain it i think this is the best christmas and new year gift i received from a PTC!!. Well i put here the history!! and if you want to can see it:) and have a nice day and a good week;) see you soon and happy new year!! bye bye.