Could someone that had the cure for Cancer have been murdered ?

United States
December 30, 2008 6:24pm CST
Ok. I know before I begin this will be a touchy discussion. But I have often wondered this question and wondered if anyone else has wondered this also. So here is what I mean. With all the murders going on, abortion, and different stuff, you never know when someone dies what they would have become. That person could have grew up to be a genius and had the cure for Aids or cancer. This question actually is one that could never have the "right" answer because noone will ever know the answer but God. But I was just curious as to if I am the only one that has ever thought of this. And please I do not mean to offend by asking this. But has this ever crossed your mind?
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@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
31 Dec 08
I am pro-life and have tried to point out that when an innocent baby is aborted he or she will become one of the missing people of the world. In the past Mother Theresa was born and William Shakespeare was born so that was lucky. However the world might have lost an innocent baby that would have made a cure for Cancer. In my opinion a baby should be able to be born and given to adoptive parents if his or her mother doesn't want him or her. I really want to have a daughter and think that I would love to give one a home and save them from having been aborted. I could give that child hope and a future. I am sure that one day she might do something amazing. All of us have a talent and I can't believe how an innocent baby is aborted because the won't have the chance to develop any talents. I think of Mozart and how he was amazing with music. It was lucky for the world that he was born. Life is precious and I believe it begins at conception.
• United States
1 Jan 09
So true. What if Benjamin Franklin had been aborted? I think that this never crosses peoples mind. I believe that life is precious and begins at conception also. Thanks.
• Canada
2 Jan 09
And what about Hitler, Stalin, Ted Bundy, Manson? Not all "innocent babies" grow up to contribute to society in positive ways. Think of how many other people would have lived had these people not been born. By aborting a fetus, you could just as easily be freeing the world from the next future dictator or serial killer. The argument goes both ways - just playing devils advocate...
@mimpi1911 (25479)
• India
3 Jan 09
Yes Susan, I have thought in this line as well. And we never know what genius we are losing thus!! Having said this, hypothetically, don't you think that many criminal minds are being destroyed as well! Have a great way and keep up that great thinking!
• United States
2 Jan 09
yeah i wonder about that a lot. especially when it comes to like hearing about children that have been killed over random violence etc..