I am not a doctor, so I expect mine to tell me this stuff.

December 30, 2008 8:55pm CST
I wish that they would tell you stuff when you go to the doctor instead of persuing them for knowledge they have but you don't know that you need until it becomes a problem. For example: I had a full hysterectomy a year ago. It had to happen, no choices no options. What my beef is is that I had no heads-up about any of the after-effects of such a thing. There was no information package that said, "look out for this, watch for that, now that this has happened you will need to ..." I am quite sure that I am not the only woman to experience this kind of surgery, so they must have some vague notion as to the kinds of things that could happen. When my dose of replacement hormones was not correct, I was having scewed thinking and suicidal thoughts (which has NEVER happened before). Then I find out that it is something that quite frequently happens. and weight gain from the estrogen. SOMEbody could have warned me about that, couldn't they? How about calcium replacement. Should I be taking Caltrate or something? I don't know, but my teeth have been just snapping offf in my mouth while I sleep, so I gotta wonder. Any thoughts?
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