November 8, 2006 6:31pm CST
You think religion causes war's?
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• United States
9 Nov 06
I think that man causes wars for greed and power.
13 Nov 06
I agree
@zeus1a (1048)
• Netherlands
9 Nov 06
No, of course not.I think religion is one of the elements some leaders take advantage of to cause war.See greece and turkey, as an example because i am from that region.We hae each other.We are Christians they are muslims.But there are so many geopolitical reason behind the hostile environment.Recently for example it was discovered hat a region that both of the countries claim it is theirs contains oil and natural gas reserves.I believe that says everything. I will agree that is the cause of war if we agree that the only true religion for most of people, goverments, political institution and associations is MONEY!!A LOT of money,This is a religion if not THE RELIGION that can cause any war. as for the rest, if it was not religion for a cause of war, it would be the colour of our skin, the shape of our teeth, they way we know politicians or people with power can always find a stupid reason to make US believe with propaganda it worths fighting.
9 Nov 06
I totally agree with every word.
@tmnjyk (3486)
• Canada
12 Nov 06
No, religion doesn't cause war at all. It's their principles and their motives that causes war, well that is my opinion.
@fvalente (852)
• Portugal
9 Nov 06
yes i think...
@Tellknow1 (604)
9 Nov 06
Religion doesn't cause wars, people cause wars, they just use it as an excuse to start the war in the first place.