Recently I started translating a long story, can I paste it here?

December 30, 2008 11:25pm CST
Here's the abstract. I need your help to check the content and the words in it, if it's readable or not ... Abstract of HAIR COILING Ye Haiwa was not a beautiful girl, and her figure was not slim, either. She was hurt by love many times. She wished to become a comfortable lazy girl in next life and to find a man would really love her. Under the help of Juniar Yama(King of Hell), Ye reborned to be Wei Lanxue, daughter of the most traitorous court official. However, the first sight of reviving was just to find herself being raped by a super handsome guy while her father was trapped in an urn watching her performance with arms and legs chopped. The super handsome man turned out to be Ye's sworn enemy - they had family feud. Falling into the hands of such a man, she seemed on the road to death ... Notes: HAIR COILING - An old Chinese tradition. When a couple get married, they sleep together on one pillow with their hair interweaved on it. That's why people call them 'couple of first marriage'. In ancient China, girls used to hang down their hair loosely till they were married, then they had it coiled up in a bun on the back or their head meaning that they have found their true love.
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2 Jan 09
I am really interested in your story, but I wonder whether you could paste it here. It seems that mylot forbids to paste something here, maybe you could type it here instead. But if the story is really very long, it would take you a lot of time and energy.