Those mice are helping out again

December 31, 2008 6:52am CST
When it comes to sickness and disease, most of us have grown used ti accepting what life brings us. We are all equally at risk. Viruses and bacteria don't care. They attack the weak and the vulnerable or the just plain unlucky. But those born with a genetic or hereditary condition deserve our special sympathy. This is always particularly unfair. They are born with limited number of years to live or with a permanent disability. They never have the chance of ordinary life. So it is with muscular dystrophy, an unfortunate condition where muscles waste away, limiting mobility, affecting balance and eventually removing the ability to walk. People who have this condition tire rapidly, even when the activity level is actually very low.
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• Philippines
31 Dec 08
quite a number of people are born with some kind of abnormality. this is something that no one can do to eliminate any possibility of getting through in anybody while still inside the mother's womb... doctors are finding ways to reduce the risk of being abnormal in the unborn. this is the reason why mothers-to=be are required to have those prenatals month after month. this becomes more often as the pregnancy keeps adding on months to its age. muscular dystrophy which you have pointed out here, i quite a rare condition. the person suffering from it is definitely one who is worth helping. let us just hope that they can find that most needed treatment for this condition.