Is it good to eat ice cream every day?

@ediyanto (233)
United States
December 31, 2008 9:11am CST
I think ice cream good to eat every day because ice cream was make from milk so there was no problem to eat every day.
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• Philippines
31 Dec 08
yup as long as youre not diabetic. though ice cream is made from milk but still it is not good to eat everyday. because it can make you gain a lot of weight.
@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
31 Dec 08
According to my doctor, diabetics are allowed to eat Ice Milk which is a substitute for ice cream. It doesn't taste quite as rich but will keep you from feeling so deprived. Also, a diabetics diet has changed. They are now allowed top eat sugar. It is now a matter of counting carbs. Of course, they shouldn't overdose on sugar....just enough to stop the sweet tooth!!! Then they leave off a carb on the other side of their diet. I don't know that I believe this, but all the hospitals & nursing homes here have gone to this way of thinking. So diabetics can now have a sliver of cake just NOT a piece of cake!!!
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
31 Dec 08
well.. i can't afford to eat ice cream everyday. i mean moderately yes, but it's ice cream and i have a soft spot for it. if i were to eat ice cream, i would have a HUGE HUGE HUGE scoop at a go. therefore, if i were to keep those pounds off and more to shed, i can't have the privilege of feasting on them every day. Much as i wish though.