Great Wall - This is the symbol of our country, China. It is great.
December 31, 2008 11:35am CST
Now i am in Internet bar with my friends and it is already 2009, a new year, a new strat as well. Happy new year to everyone... Looking back before, i feel a little depressed. Because i waste a lot of time and perhaps miss many useful things, though. Here i want to share something. Don't put off until tomorrow the good you can do today. There are so many possibilities can get in the way of a good or great deed. Examples of people who missed out on good opportunities are everywhere, and when it is too late, they regret missing their chance to have been of service. Saying " tomorrow " just once instead of doing some good may lead to a habit of saying " tomorrow ", and tomorrow may never come. One delay is followed by another, and matters get out of hand quickly, even when attemps are made to correct them. Therefore, we must take things on as soon as we see them. This is the secret to progress. This is just my personal opinions. So in 2009, i want to chang my life style and live more meaningful.
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