What are the things about your past that you tend not t tell people?

December 31, 2008 5:35pm CST
I mean people in physical contact life: relatives, coworkers, friends. I’m asking about the kinds of things that you only share with very special people, if you share them at all. What has happened when you become more open and reveal these things to a wider group of people?
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• Philippines
2 Jan 09
there are just some things in my life that i cant share to anyone even to somebody coz, i just cant stand the embarassment i felt about it. its better you keep it on your own. i mean, there are some people to tend to understand you but you just cant really take it. i hope i got some point. [;
@savak03 (6676)
• United States
2 Jan 09
Oh, I've got some things I haven't even told my children, but I doubt I'm going to share them here either. I am sure that all of us have a few skeletons in our closets but in spite of the trend lately to bare our souls on national TV I still think some things are better off kept to myself.
@winterose (39916)
• Canada
1 Jan 09
I write about a lot of things I don't necessarily tell people in person, there is no need in person, chances are the topics never come up.
@capirani (1841)
• United States
1 Jan 09
LOL I have to say this...if there are things about my past that I don't tend to tell people, I won't tell them here either. Ahhh, but that is not the question, just the heading... I am a private sort of person so I don't tell many people about my life and my past. The past is over and cannot be changed so it isn't generally a topic of discussion. Those people who I am closest to may or my not have been part of my past and already know much about it. Others I am close to who are newer to my life don't know that much about my past. What is the point of bringing it up now? I do not feel that being open with people necessarily has to mean talking about everything in our past lives. We have our present and our future to talk about.
@messageme (2821)
• United States
31 Dec 08
I usually don't hide to many things. Usually if someone asks me something I will tell them. I am a very honest and open person. I may not come out and tell you everything but if you ask I will tell.