Most hated house chores tha you can't avoid it to do...

@mobhomeir (7565)
December 31, 2008 7:19pm CST
hello guys happy new year..Are you guys helping some daily house chores in the family?What's your hated most that you can't avoid work on it? As for me I hate those laundries. I would rather go on ironing load of assorted clothes that washing on it. But since I can't afford to see my wife doing on it (washing) I will be the one to work on it..huh what a boring work!!! How about you, what house chores you hated most to do? Or you never had a helping had in your daily house chores?
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
Hello There! Good thing you asked! My hated chore is washing our clothes. I do not know but I would rather wash our dishes and iron our clothes for the whole day as long as I don’t wash my or our clothes by HAND. Washing machine is fine but my mother prefers to wash our clothes by hands, you know the traditional way… because she said it gets cleaner before you put it in the dryer. And of course I don’t really have a choice but to wash my clothes since it is mine and that is unavoidable. Sometimes, I bribe my younger sister that I will give her money and other stuff as long as she washes my clothes… and yeah, she agrees (devil smile) but not as always of course! Goodluck and thanks for the discussion! Happy Mylotting! Cheers!
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
Not that I hate doing them, but because I have a problem with my right wrist, I can't stand the ironing of clothes, dish washing and laundry. My hands get numb and I experience severe pain when ironing or washing, so I just pay for the house chores. It's better than paying expensive medicine for carpal tunnel syndrome.
@Margarit (3677)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
I really dont like to do washing the disches, i hated is so much. For i feel that this household chores is non stop thing. But still i have to do it anyway, we dont have dish washer at home so we do it by our hands. To bad for me for i got a wrinkled hands already.