@ojoe17 (14)
Antigua And Barbuda
December 31, 2008 7:36pm CST
i am a christian. however in my life whenever i do something or read something i like to get to the central theme, the main point. in my opinion the main point of christianity is "salvation" when you look at the life of christ he never condemed people but offered forgiveness instead. a road back to god. he had a problem with the people who tend to condemn people or make it difficult for others to feel comfortable with god. what do you think the central theme of christianity is?
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• Philippines
1 Jan 09
im a catholic christian 100%. ive been a served the church when i was 11 year old and i stopped when im in college. well being a christian is very hard for me. u need to listened to ur faith. why did i said thi. because its ur choice if ur going to listened to the voice of ur hearth if ur going to accept that god i with u. u know what i mean believing eventhough u havent seen it. having a faith to him.