Have you discovered any great inexpensive makeup sites?

United States
December 31, 2008 9:05pm CST
Have you found any great inexpensive makeup sites? Or just have a favorite makeup site you like to purchase from? I have found a few great places online to purchase inexpensive makeup. A few of my favorite sites to shop are Cherryculture.com. They offer many different cosmetics lines. NYX is a cosmetic line I like to shop for on there. Coastalscents.com has great palettes on there for cheap. I would recommend there eyeshawdows and there blush palette. They have great brushes to apply makeup on for cheap. Some less then $3.00, that work and are very soft. And you can read there testimonals on there. A lot of people are very satisfied with there products. Another great site is eyeslipsface.com. Most of there stuff is $1.00. Some are $3.00. And they also have mineral makeup. Some stuff aren't that great, but to try for a dollar, you can't really beat that. Go check them out....Let me know how you like them.
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