MYTH: you can earn money without a job or welfare with only the internet?

United States
December 31, 2008 10:06pm CST
What is you opinions about this question?
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• United States
21 Jan 09
I was doing it, for over two years with my partner. We made over a grand to 1500 a month, which was enough for us. At the end though, we were not making that much. The work got annoying as well. So, until I find a way to make atleast 1K a month just by myself, I will not be able to ensure we can both work from home again and make it.
@dodo19 (34284)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
1 Jan 09
Some people can easily do it. It is something that some people can do. Though I don't think that it is possible for everyone. I think it just depends on what type of person you are.
@LouieWpHs04 (4559)
• United States
1 Jan 09
Well, just because you're making money online it doesn't really dismiss it as not having a job. A job in any sense of the word is making an income in some fashion. But yeah, it is feasible that you could make a living only using the internet. I've seen some of the vast amount of things you could do on the internet.. and with a little effort and experience, you can make some pretty hefty amounts of money. The only problem that people don't usually take into account is the cost of benefits. When doing things online.. guess who pays for the benefits? You. In an actual job generally it comes with some decent benefits. You could work less in a job online and make more.. but, the benefits you'll have to pay for.. health, dental, etc. will generally eat up that extra bit and you're back where you started.. but hey. At least you don't really work under anyone and you kind of set your own hours in a way. If you're looking for some help to boost your income online I can help ya' if you're interested Either way, G'luck to you in 2009
@jzqt27 (541)
• Canada
1 Jan 09
in reality, there is people who are doing that. in order to do such thing, you hav to know what you are doing and how to increase your earning with little or hugh investment. that doesn't mean you can't do it for free, if you know alot about comouter, technology and or create something that is useful for people, you will get rich. i don't know anyone who got rich by doing stuff on the internet, but there is proof showing people are earning more than a thounsand dollars a week for doing surveys and promoting their sites or products.
@reshine (163)
• Indonesia
1 Jan 09
yes you can do that .... but you need a lot of skills and knowledge .. more people including me only use internet for a sidejob to get more income .. but if we learn and try to improve ourself i'm sure someday i can live and get income from internet only ...
@joystick7 (730)
• India
1 Jan 09
According to me the answer is Yes.. I am doing just that right now.. I was working as a team leader in a call center.. I left that place around 6 months back and right now I am living on online income.. I know there is nothing like job security through online income but I still dont mind taking that risk for better earnings and not wanting to work under someone..
@capirani (1841)
• United States
1 Jan 09
There are people who do it. I am not one of them at this point. But if you ask them, they consider it a job. And I guarantee it is not writing for mylot. There are bloggers who are making their living from their blogs. And there are many many other kinds of work on the internet....and they are jobs just like anyone else's jobs, whether they are hired by an online company or they are freelancing.