Do you like shopping online?

January 1, 2009 3:16am CST
I am curious about how many people shop on line here and how oftern? For me , I shop almost once a month on line. Usually, I buy books on line. Which kind of products do you choose to buy on line?
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• Philippines
22 Jan 09
Hi zhangfzoe.. I dont like shopping online for the reason that I have some doubts about it. I shopped online rarely but I do it with an online shops owned by my friends and mostly I purchase clothes and accessories. Im just being so careful with all the scammers scattered.
@pxhnchsh (146)
• China
2 Jan 09
I like to buy books on line too. Because the prices of books are much cheaper than that in a bookshop. What is more, it is more convenient. And we have much more choice when we are shopping on line. As for other products, I do not have much confidence in their qualities, so I seldom buy other products on line.
• Chennai, India
1 Jan 09
Occasionally I do online shopping. If online renewal of internet connectivity comes under shopping category, I do it monthly.
@stejhas (209)
• United States
1 Jan 09
I like to browse through every once in awhile... You can pretty good deals on there, and they often have free shipping, too. I have purchased bedding for a couple beds in my house, tennis shoes, and... I think that's it from When I shop online, it's usually to buy clothes. I have a baby, so it's VERY hard to go shopping for clothes, try them on, carry the bags around the mall, etc... I usually watch for specials on free shipping, or reduced shipping, so that I don't have to pay more to buy products online, rather than in the store.
@sonusd (1548)
• India
1 Jan 09
ya i love to shop buy on line but till today i have not bought anything becasue i do not have a credit card and not sufficient money in my bank account but after i get some money i will start shopping on line because i have sen that some times we get good things in cheaper price