Online Games: Signup or Not?

Games on the Internet - A lot of people like to play games on the internet. A lot of websites ask you to signup. When you do and try out their stuff and don't like it you often still get a lot of email from them if you don't use the site. Most won't delete your account, so you either have to go back and remove yourself or just put up with it. Some gamesites let you play as long as you want without having to signup for anything. Would you prefer not having to signup at all and still have full use of the resources?
@aplaza (631)
January 1, 2009 5:14am CST
If you found a website you really like and can use the resources without having to signup - would you signup anyway? (For example you'd be notified if something is added) Alternatively would you signup for a website just to be able to play the games on there? Neither would cost anything. You wouldn't get tons of emails either way - I'm just curious why some people signup for websites but never use them! Which would you prefer?
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• India
1 Jan 09
I am all for any free online gaming sites. Though most of them have nothing new or exciting and most games are repetitive, yet they are great time-pass. And if I am not paying anything, I can at least tolerate some extra mails in my inbox.